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Mi smo holistički centar obrazovnog, trenažnog i zdravstvenog karaktera. So(u)l Invictus Akademija je jedinstvena platforma koja je iznedrila nov koncept upotrebe fundamentalnih znanja (medicine, filozofije, psihologije, psihoterapije, antropologije, joge, joga terapije i ekonomije) da bi stvorila novo kreativno tržište.

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Health Centers

Body and soul function as inseparable entities. Our mission is to direct them to the path of health, happiness and success through holistic care. In our Health Center you get complete service: personal adjusted yoga and fitness training, deep psychotherapy, nutrition plan (adjusted to busy life schedule), beauty & wellness services, manual therapy, health counselling, personal and business counselling for just one price. One-month Black Diamond Yoga health program. Yoga classes for weight loss, health improvement, intense body shaping and relaxation (Cyclic meditation). One month OmVati So(u)l Invictus Health Retreat Program intense life changing retreat program in our mountain and...

Yoga & Fitness

Hatha yoga, Chakra yoga, System yoga (ashtanga yoga), yoga flow, yoga therapy. Individual and group Fitness trainings, jazz yoga, jazz ballet, ecstatic dance cardio mix. Corner for Parents: Possibility to attend So (u) l Invictus program, training or education for moms and dads with children in form of interactive exercise. We also have service for animating and guarding children in our premises while parents are on training, exercise, class, treatment. Corner for Seniors: yoga for seniors. Corner for pregnant women: yoga in pregnancy and delivery preparation. Classes are organized individually or in groups

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